Shout out to everyone who has destroyed multiple bathrooms with screen printing chemicals and art supplies.

Did I post this before?

I wish I was on top of my life again already.

I have listened to this song like 30 times today.

I wonder if my dogs are judging me.

Accidentally found a bunch of Mexican screamo bands. They all sound like early Underoath but the albums are from the last three years.

This is the best day ever.


If you like Lorna you should probably consider dressing like her, right? Well, you can get this shirt HERE!

Bang bang.

Succumbed to pressure and playing Earthbound. I think I got this right.

I just changed my user icon because my dog keeps eating catshit and I don’t know how to get her to stop.

"Your pieces would benefit from a more restricted palette bro."

"Might wanna recheck that perspective bro."